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December 2023 Update

Insight Update

Thank-you to all who attended our second annual E4:12 Training Conference this past month! It’s been encouraging to see the feedback come in!  We look forward to having you join us again next year. Save-the-Date: November 8 & 9, 2024 for our a conference focused on the topic of Marriage.

Racing thoughts, wired bodies and uncertainty about the future. We all experience worry and anxiety, and each of us wants to find peace from the thoughts, concerns and physical symptoms that often accompany it. In this group we will seek to understand our anxieties, meet God through His Word in the midst of them, and grow in wisdom, faith and peace as we encounter Him.

Overcoming Anxiety is facilitated by Insight Biblical Counselling
Group Coordinator, Gail DeGiovanni
For more info & to register contact

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Confidential Group Counselling

God has designed us to live in community for a reason. If you are struggling and need support, joining a counselling group is a great way to find community support. Insight offers curriculum-driven, Christ-centered and confidential counselling groups.

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