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We need Your Help.

We cannot operate without your donations!
Whether it is a one-time gift or a monthly partnership, every donation helps impact and transform lives.

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Why Give to Insight?

“In this world you will have trouble”, Jesus said. We all struggle daily with the burdens of life in a broken world. Others sin against us, and we trouble our own troubles when we choose to move away from God.

Jesus also told us to take heart because He is the Victorious King! This is the hope that Insight is privileged to proclaim to hurting people. God calls and equips His people to love one another as they walk side by side through this life. Iznsight’s counsellors are trained to provide biblical counselling for individuals, couples and families, and also to equip others to mentor and disciple through training courses, seminars and internships.

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What Do We Do With Your Gift?

Your gift allows us to continue to provide Biblical Counselling services at a lower-than-average rate and to subsidize sessions for anyone with financial constraints who are seeking God’s transformative work in their lives, their relationships, and in the world around them.

Give the Gift of Hope

Insight is a non-charitable not-for-profit organization.
We are unable to offer charitable tax receipts for your donation.

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Thank You!

We have a lot of work to do, and your generous donation helps us get that important work done. Your generosity is appreciated. Please know that your gift will be used with care.

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