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Find Peace

Overcoming Anxiety

Racing thoughts, wired bodies, uncertainty about the future. At some point in all of our lives we experience worry, anxiety and fear. Each one of us wants to find peace - peace from the thoughts, nagging concerns & the physical symptoms of anxiety.

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Peace be with you

Racing thoughts, wired bodies and uncertainty about the future. We all experience worry and anxiety, and each of us wants to find peace from the thoughts, concerns and physical symptoms that often accompany it. In this group we will seek to understand our anxieties, meet God through His Word in the midst of them, and grow in wisdom, faith and peace as we encounter Him.

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Are You Ready for Change?

To sign up for our next group meeting or to learn more about when and where we are meeting, please email us!

“I have been grateful to receive caring gospel centered counsel from Insight. My counsellor walked beside me during a very difficult time and taught me the skills I needed to keep going on my own. So grateful for this organization and hope that many more benefit from their services!”

Biblical Counselling Group Fees

All are welcome

$20 per session + Cost of Materials

Cancellation of Appointments

Please give 24 hours notice

Clients who fail to give 24 hours notice for cancelling or rescheduling appointments will be charged for the missed session. This charge must be paid before or at the time of your next appointment.

Alternative Financial Arrangements

We can help even if you’re struggling financially

We understand financial constraint and that some clients/participants are unable to pay the fees. Due to the generosity of our donors, anyone in need of counselling will receive our biblical counselling services. If you are unable to pay the fees, our staff will gladly explain alternative financial arrangements.