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July 2024 Insights

Happy Canada Day! Many thanks to all who made our Sweet and Savoury fundraiser a huge success last month. We had a wonderful turnout, and many compliments and words of encouragement were shared with us about the updates, testimonies, venue (shout out to The Shed Out Back!) and food. With the help of one generous donor we raised $115,000!
As I mentioned at this event, the needs in our community are great. This year, each month we’ve had an increase in counselling appointments over last year. We’ve increased some of our counsellors hours in the past year to try to accommodate the influx of calls and emails from people in need of biblical counselling- and they are connecting with us from all over Canada.
To further help meet this need, we hired a new counsellor, Elaina, who is currently working in a contract position providing online counselling. Read on for a more detailed introduction in this month’s insights.
The InBC Groups of CCEF students continue to grow, as we press on with our E4:12 Training programs. Some 25 students are currently engaged with the Helping Relationships course. Registration for September groups is now open!
Clare, a Westminster Seminary student from Calgary, interned with us for 2 weeks last month, and continues with this internship online. We have had several other requests from biblical counselling students to gain practical experience serving alongside our staff.
Stayed tuned for updates about our upcoming annual conference.
Looking forward to a successful second half of the year. Happy summer!

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Follow along throughout the month of July and join us in prayer!

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1 July 2024

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God is on the move.   Whether it’s a couple once separated and now back together, a single man who sees that God has softened his heart toward a cantankerous family member, or someone who has by God’s mercy been caught in a sin and responding with genuine repentance, we see God actively at work in the lives of our clients. And we see the need increasing. New clients call in almost daily looking for solidly biblical counsel, which means we may well need to look at expanding our counselling team once again..

We are also deep into planning for some upcoming events: our annual Sweet & Savoury Social as well as the E4:12 Conference in the Fall. And some really exciting news: last month we welcomed Marija to our team, and she is fitting in marvellously...

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God has designed us to live in community for a reason. If you are struggling and need support, joining a counselling group is a great way to find community support. Insight offers curriculum-driven, Christ-centered and confidential counselling groups.

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