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June 2024 Insights

“They’re killing my son! They’re killing my son!”

I sat heart-wrenched as the father across from me wept over his son’s situation. The parents had described in vivid detail the struggle their son was having with his lying and manipulative wife while receiving no help or sympathy from his in-laws. I didn’t know what to say.

After the conversation was over, I felt a nagging tug to reach out and respond to these parents. I knew I hadn’t responded well to this father’s anguish. I wished in the moment I had said, “I think that was the very cry of the Father during the crucifixion.”

Even in our suffering- rather, especially in our suffering- God draws near and lets us know that He understands our pain. He lived it. He sees our hearts. Often it is also the case that in those hard places we are given a glimpse into the heart of God Himself: we know it was excruciating torment- physically, emotionally, and spiritually- for Jesus to endure the wrath of the Father. I believe it was also excruciatingly hard for the Father to witness evil men “killing My Son, My Beloved Son!”

Each year in June we celebrate Father’s Day. For some, this is a wonderful celebration; for others, it’s bitter-sweet…or even just bitter. My prayer as a father is that my children would know more of the depth of the Father’s love for us, and also see a little more of the Father’s love in me.

Some exciting news: we have 26 people signed up in the June term “Helping Relationships” group with CCEF! I am also thrilled that we have had such a great response to the Sweet & Savoury event which sold out quickly- hope to see many of you there!

We are excited to announce that reservations for our Sweet & Savoury Fundraiser coming up this Friday have “SOLD OUT!” Those still interested in attending can join the waitlist via Eventbrite and we will be in touch if more seats become available.

If for any reason you are not able to make it we kindly ask that you cancel your reservation to allow space to open up for those who can.

It’s going to be a wonderful evening of delicious hors d’oeuvres, desserts and fellowshipping together at a beautiful new venue, THE SHED OUT BACK located in Smithville. We are encouraged by the overwhelming response in rsvp’s to this event and we look forward to sharing & celebrating all that the Lord has been doing through the ministry over this past year!

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1 June 2024

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