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November 2023 Update

Insight Update

LAST CALL TO REGISTER! Registration is open until Wednesday November 1st (midnight) for our 2nd annual E4:12 Training conference! It will be an opportunity for parents, grandparents, church leaders and anyone who would like to be better equipped with biblical and practical training to help children boldly live out their faith in today’s world. The event will be held at Vineland Free Reformed Church Friday evening from 7:30PM-9:30PM & Saturday 8:30AM-4:30PM

New this Year: Breakout Sessions! Read on to see the full conference schedule to see session topics, times and speakers. Tickets are available for Friday night only, Saturday only for those who are not able to attend the full conference. Hope to see you there!

Friday, November 3 – 7PM Doors Open

  • 7:30PM – Welcome, Announcements & Opening Worship
  • 7:45PM – Session 1 – Discipline that Gets to the Heart – Glen Slingerland
  • 8:30PM – Insight Update
  • 8:40PM – Session 2 – Present Over Perfect: Practical Parenting Tools – Karina Wierenga
  • 9:25PM – Closing Instructions & Prayer

Saturday, November 48AM Doors Open

  • 8:30AM – Welcome & Opening Worship
  • 8:45AM – Session 3 – 17: Passing on Faith in the Formative Years – John & Gail DeGiovanni
  • 9:45AM – Breakout 1
    • A) Parenting Alone: A Holy Calling– Betty-Anne Van Rees
    • B) Instilling an Identity in Christ: Helping Kids Face Bullying & Peer Pressures– Lynn Murray
  • 10:30AM – Coffee Break
  • 11:00AM- Breakout 2 
    • A) The Talk: Conversations with your Kids about Sex – Glen Slingerland
    • B) Fighting Turned Fruitful: Peacemaking Tools for Parents– Sharen de Waard & Jasmin de Waard
  • 11:50AM –  The Struggling Family and the Church– Tim Van Hoffen, Safe Families
  • 12:20PM –  Lunch
  • 1:30PM – Breakout 3
    • A) Children and Social Media – Karina Wierenga
    • B) Wonderfully Made: Helping Parents of Children with Special Needs –Panel Discussion
  • 2:20PM – Session 4 Ultimate Deception: How our Culture has Moved from Biblical Sexuality to Embracing Gender Ideology– Dr. Ann Gillies
  • 3:20PM – Q&A
  • 4:15PM – Closing Worship

Insight Biblical Counselling has partnered with CCEF’s online school to provide biblical counselling training. Local cohorts of students learn online and also connect in person together with the online instructor. For more information send an email to

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Registration is open for our 2nd annual conference! It will be an opportunity for parents, grandparents, church leaders and anyone […]

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