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E4:12 Training

Learn how to share the hope of the gospel with those who need it most.

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What’s in a Name?

Why the name E4:12?

You may be wondering, “Why the name E4:12?” The vision of E4:12 as part of the counselling ministry comes from Ephesians 4:12: “to equip the saints for the work of ministry, for building up the body of Christ”. We know from this passage that growth in the body of Christ happens when the members of the Body of Christ work together to build each other up. We want to come alongside pastors and church leaders to help equip their members for works of service in the church.

E4:12 Training

Biblical counselling training online

The E4:12 Training is our partnership with CCEF’s online school. This will enable people in Ontario to pursue biblical counselling training online, while also connecting with a local cohort of students which includes meeting in person to discuss course work. Plus, the course fees are offered at reduced rate from the standard CCEF fees.

So, you or other people in your church can receive Christ-centered biblical training that will better equip you and/or them to walk alongside others in the local church and the community- and they can do so not simply on their own, or with a cohort of students from around the world, but with other like-minded Christians in your own backyard.

“This training is not only for someone wanting to pursue a career in biblical counselling, but also to equip pastoral staff, lay leaders and other members to better serve God’s people- while growing in grace themselves!”

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At present, Insight is offering 2 counselling certificates:

Formation Certificate

2 Courses

  • Dynamics of Biblical Change
  • Helping Relationships

Essentials of Biblical Counselling Certificate

4 Courses

  • Applied Theology of the Person
  • Counseling in the Local Church
  • Scripture for Life & Ministry
  • Everyday Problems in Counseling
and a Summative Project.

Training Course Costs




3 Hour Course

$325 USD + $260
E4:12 Admin Fee

$162.50 USD


Please note, that class sizes are limited and are populated on a first come, first serve basis.

Register Online**

** Note: When creating an account, you must answer "yes" to "Are you taking a course as part of a school of Biblical Counseling partnership?"

Courses offered January-March 2023:

  • Dynamics of Biblical Change (credit & audit)
  • Counseling Problems & Procedures (credit & audit by request)

Registration is open from October 15 - December 1, 2022

Courses offered March-May 2023

  • Helping Relationships (credit & audit)
  • Counseling in the Local Church (credit & audit by request)

Registration Dates TBA

Training Information

For more information or to connect with the E4:12 Administrator please fill out the form below and we’ll get back to you shortly.

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