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Urgent Need Met!

With heartfelt thanks to the Lord and to donors for their generous response, I want to inform you that we have met and exceeded our request for $50,000 needed to repay the balance on an operating loan. As I sit down to give this update this morning, the current total of donations is just over $60,000!

Last week, postcards were mailed out to our supporters to inform them of this plea-I would like to suggest these be used as a reminder to praise God for His faithfulness and to pray that the Lord will continue His work of transforming hearts and lives through the ministry of Insight.

Thanks so much for your generous support!

Glen Slingerland, Executive Director

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14 August 2023

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Confidential Group Counselling

God has designed us to live in community for a reason. If you are struggling and need support, joining a counselling group is a great way to find community support. Insight offers curriculum-driven, Christ-centered and confidential counselling groups.

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